A Lament For Egypt (Ezekiel 30)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 30

1. Have you ever broken a bone? Did it heal, good as new?

2. Have you ever had to “break the news” to a friend? How do you approach a friend with criticism or bad news?

3. What is your favorite form of escapism? How many times a week do you have to escape reality?

4.What does the Lord say He is going to do to Egypt (verses 4)? What will be the effect on all it military allies (verses 5 and 6)?

5. Who will God use to punish Egypt (verse 10)? What kind of nation are they (verse 11)?

6. What are some of the specific things God promises to do to Egypt (verses 13 – 19)?

7. While Ezekiel chanted this lament, the Babylonians laid siege to Jerusalem. Did Egypt save the day (see Jeremiah 37:6 – 8)? Does God have a “bone to pick” with Pharoah (verses 21 and 22)? Why do you think the Lord did not want the people to depend on Egypt for deliverance? Could the city be saved from God’s judgment anyway?

8. The people in Jerusalem hoped that Ezekiel was wrong about the Babylonians and that Egypt would come to their rescue. Do you find yourself waiting for someone to rescue you? How do you feel broken and helpless?

9. God has to take away Israel’s false hope before He could help them. Is God doing this in any area to you? How are you responding? Are you listening or gripping you hopes more tightly?

10. Do you know anyone with false hopes? How can you help him or her?

  • a confrontation?
  • a gentle question?
  • “break the news”?
  • say nothing and pray?



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