Pharaoh As A Felled Cedar Of Lebanon (Ezekiel 31)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 31

1. When was the last time you were in the forest? Why were you there? How did you feel?

2. Who is the most successful person you know? What impresses you most about him or her?

3. Who does God tell Pharoah to consider (verse 3)? To what does God compare this country? How does God describe it?

4. What was the sin of the cedar? How was it punished? By whom (verse 12; see Ezekiel 30:10, 11)? What will be the impact on other trees (verses 14, 16, 17)?

5. What lesson does God want Pharoah to learn from this allegory of the cedar tree?

6. Has God ever acted in blessing or judgment in the life of someone you know? What did you learn from that experience? Can you really learn from other peoples’ mistakes, or must you make your own?

7. Everyone can’t have it “made in the shade” in Beverly Hills or Aspen. Is it always true that for one person to have abundance, others must have less?

8. If the world were a forest, how much of the water would you say you get? How much does your nation take?

9. How does God measure success? In what area of life do you feel you are “branching out”?



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