A Prophecy Against Tyre (Ezekiel 26)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 26

1. Have you ever come close to drowning? Have you ever saved someone from drowning? What was it like?

2. Have you ever been in an earthquake? Did it move buildings or furniture? Did it move you?

3. Tyre was about 100 miles north of Jerusalem. How would Tyre prosper from Israel’s destruction (verse 2)? How was Tyre’s response like those of the nations back in chapter 25?

4. What will Tyre’s punishment be? Who will inflict it (verse 7)? Will it be thorough (verses 9 – 14)?

5. If God knows disaster is coming, what is the point of warning Tyre? Why not just let it happen?

6. The “coastlands” are the countries and islands of the Mediterranean that Tyre engaged in trade. Why will they be so “shaken up” (verses 15 – 18)?

7.  Is God going overboard in punishing those who rejoice in Israel’s misfortune so harshly? What does this say about God’s commitment to Israel?

8. What does this chapter do to the ancient belief that gods only had power with territorial borders? Was Yahweh “washed up” when Israel was destroyed?

9. Do you rejoice or lament over the current political situation in your country? Is God working out a plan or wringing His hands? Should your church be involved in national and international politics?



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