A Lament for Tyre (Ezekiel 27)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 27

1. What is the most beautiful city you’ve ever visited? What impressed you the most? Have you ever been in a city you could describe as “clean”?

2. Have you ever had anything beautiful which was ruined? How did it happen? How did you feel?

3. To what is Tyre likened in this poem (verses 4 – 9)? Do you find the image fitting? What parts of  it are mentioned? From where did the supplies come? What words reveal the elegance of its construction?

4. Where did this ship travel? Can you find the limits of its trade in each direction on a map? What were some of the goods it exchanged? Do you think Tyre had good reasons to be proud?

5. What will happen to this great luxury ship (verses 25 – 36)? What will cause the accident? What will happen to the ship and crew?

6. What different groups will hear of the mishap (verses 30 – 36)? Who is most upset? Why?

7.  Is it wrong to feel pride in your achievements or attributes? What’s wrong with a realistic appraisal? Do you find a lot of “humility” rings falsely?

8. Who would be upset if you were broke? Friends? Family? Church members? Creditors? Would anyone even know?

9. What is the mood of this lament?

  • joy over a fallen foe?
  • regret over something lovely destroyed?
  • sorrow over a people crushed?

10. What does this lament tell you about God’s feelings?

11. If you were writing a lament for your city, what items might appear in the verses?

12. Would people in other nations lament the destruction of your country? Who might not?



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