A Prophecy Against the King of Tyre (Ezekiel 28:1 – 19)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 28:1 – 19

1. What’s your favorite status symbol? How do you let people know you are successful? Do you prefer to appear unsuccessful?

2. To which celebrity would you give the “Most Conceited Person In The World Award”? What did he or she do to earn it?

3. Why did the king consider himself wise (verses 2 – 5)? How did he show it?

4. Do you thing other countries admired the king’s “great skill in trading” (verse 5)? Did such skill help or hurt them?

5. Who will God use to punish him (verse 7)? What will they do to him?

6. In what exaggerated terms does Ezekiel describe the king’s character, adornment, location and role (verses 13 – 15)? What biblical character does this remind you of?

7. How does the lament describe his sin (verses 15 – 18)? Do you think the king mattered to God?

8. Why do you think God hates pride so much? Why is He so jealous of His role as the only God in the universe?

9. Do you ever “play god” in your words, actions or attitudes? Who in your life would know? Have you asked them about your “pride status”?

10. Who sits on the throne in your heart? Has the issue been decided or is there sometimes a struggle for power? Are there some areas where your surrender is less than complete?



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