A Prophecy Against Sidon (Ezekiel 28:20 – 26)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 28:20 – 26

1. Who was the best next-door neighbor you’ve ever had? The worst?

2. Was there ever a time when you got some really good news after a long period of bad news? What happened?

3. What is God going to do to Sidon (verse 23)? Why are neighbors often “briers and sharp thorns”?

4. What is God going to do for Israel (verses 24 – 26)?

5. What does God mean when He says both Sidon and Israel will know that He is the Lord? Will they both know Him in the same way?

6. There are two ways of knowing God: by wrath or mercy. Why do you think some know the merciful God and some know the wrathful God? Which God do you know?

7. Do you know any of your neighbors? How do you treat them?



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