Jeremiah Freed (Jeremiah 40:1 – 6)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 40:1 – 6

1. Ever wished you could start over with a clean slate? Did you ever try it? What happened?

2. What “word” comes to Jeremiah (verse 1; see Jeremiah 39:11 – 14)?

3. How was Jeremiah’s prediction about Ramah (see Jeremiah 31:15) come true in his day? In Jesus’ day (see Mark 2:18)?

4. Why does Nebuzaradan grasp what no Judean king ever did (verses 2, 3)? Why would he host Jeremiah in Babylon (verse 5)?

5. How do you respond to sudden and unexpected setbacks? Complain? Fight? Rebound? Give up? Give a recent example?

6.Ever been freed by a non-believer to pursue God’s will? How did that feel?



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