A Remnant Flees To Egypt (Jeremiah 41:16 – 43:13)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 41:16 -43:13

1. When lost, do you just keep driving, or do you stop and ask for directions? How long have you been lost before you finally decided to consult a map?

2. What type of stone best describes you: hefty boulder to block the way? diamond in the rough? bedrock that can’t be penetrated? brick for building? pebble for a sling shot? other? Explain.

3. Why are the army officers afraid, even though they had nothing to do with Gedailah’s murder (chapter 41:16 – 18; see 2 Kings 25:25, 26)? How might Nebuchadnezzar interpret the act? What are  their options? What is “plan A”?

4. Are the people sincere in seeking guidance (chapter 42:2 – 6)? Why ask Jeremiah, if their minds are made up?

5. What do you suppose they were thinking about during the 10 day delay, waiting to hear from God (chapter 42:7)? What do you thing Jeremiah was during those 10 days?

6. What does God tell them and why (chapter 42:8 – 18)? What is wrong with the Jews following their natural instincts and “getting out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat (the Babylonians)”? Why would they want to live in Egypt anyway?

7. How does Jeremiah’s counsel go over (chapter 43:2, 3)? Does this surprise you after hearing all their promises? Or could you tell that their minds were already made up? How so? Why would they accuse Baruch of manipulating him? What do they think the Babylonians will do to them (chapter 43:3)? Why might they suspect Jeremiah and Baruch are not afraid?

8. Do you suppose Jeremiah and Baruch go along to Egypt willingly or unwillingly (chapter 43:4 – 6)? What was Egypt’s relationship with Babylon (see chapter 37:5; 2 Kings 24:7)? How would Nebuchadnezzar interpret a flight to Egypt?

9. What message does God give Jeremiah at the Egyptian border and why (chapter 43:8 – 13)?

10. Review the dialogue this past week between you and others. When were your questions really statements? When were your statements really questions? Do you have trouble being direct? When is it toughest to ask what you really want to know or say how you really feel?

11. In your decision-making process this past week, at what point did you seek God’s counsel? The input of others? Did you truly want advice, or simply a blessing on your plans?

12. Have you ever obeyed God’s word to you at a time when all your gut instincts said “no”? What happened as a result of your obedience?

13. When in doubt about someone’s intentions, do you assume the best or the worst? Are you naturally trusting or skeptical? Has anyone ever doubted your integrity, as they did Jeremiah’s? Why?

14. Do you prefer to call the shots in work situations? In relationships? What do you find objectionable about submitting to someone? When was the last time you deliberately surrender control? What happened?

15. Have you ever felt beyond God’s reach?Did God reach you after all? How so? Do you know anyone who feels “out of touch”, with God? How can you help?


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