Renewal of Ezekiel’s Call As Watchman (Ezekiel 33:1 – 20)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 33:1 – 20

With the end of Jeremiah’s recorded ministry, we now return to Ezekiel . .

1. Who is your favorite newscaster? What channel is he or she on? Why do you like him or her?

2. Do you have an alarm system on your home or vehicle? Has it ever scared away a crook? Does it ever give false alarms?

3. What is the one way the watchman can fail in his job (verse 6)? What are those who hear the warning supposed to do? What will happen if people ignore the warning?

4. What problem do the people of Israel have besides their sins (verse 10)? What does God say to encourage them (verse 11)?

5. Verses 12 – 20 echo chapter 18’s declaration of individual responsibility. Which actions will cause the wicked to live? By what standards will God judge each person’s life (verse 20)?

6. The word “gospel” literally means “good news”. What bad news is part of the good news? Why do people need to hear the bad news? Are you generally a “good newscaster” or a “bad newscaster”?

7. People often get discouraged when they hear the bad news. Do you get discouraged when you fail the Lord? Does God want you to punish yourself or to do something else? What does 2 Corinthians 7:10 say about your attitudes and actions in response to sin?

8. Is God calling ever Christian to be a watchman like Ezekiel? What are you watching for? Will He hold you accountable for not warning your people?

9. What concerns you most about the current scene in your country? What are you doing about it?



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