The LORD Will Be Israel’s Shepherd (Ezekiel 34)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 34

1. Have you ever taken a bunch of kids to a zoo, fair, circus or similar place? What happened? Did anyone get lost? Was it a restful experiences?

2. When was the last time you saw a sheep? Was it cute and cuddly or dirty and stupid? Was it by itself or in a flock?

3. What were the shepherds doing (verses 2 and 3)? Five different groups of sheep are mentioned? What care was needed by each?

4. What has happened to the sheep because of the bad shepherds (verses 5 – 8)? What will God do to the shepherds for this malpractice (verse 10)?

5. What will God Himself do for the sheep (verses 11 – 16)? What will God do for those who have been scattered? How will God provide food and shelter for them?

6. After God rounds up the flock, what groups will be found among them (verses 16 – 22)? How do the sheep treat one another? How will God treat each group? Who will be as a shepherd over them (verses 23 and 24)?

7. What will God do to the land on which He pastures His flock? How will this affect the sheep (verses 25 – 31)

8. In the allegory of the sheep:

  • Who are the sheep?
  • The shepherds?
  •  What is God promising to do?
  • Who is the coming Shepherd?

9. In this parable, what do you learn about the mission of Jesus?

10. What kind of sheep are you?

  • Weak?
  • Sick?
  •  injured?
  • Lost?

11. In reference to Question #10, does it feel like God is taking care of you?

12. The word “pastor” literally means “a shepherd”. Are you getting good shepherding? Do you follow where your shepherd leads you or are you always running away? Are you growing in your ability to shepherd others?

 13. What sorts of sheep come to your church? Tramplers? Drinkers? Muddy? Lean? Fat? How can you treat each other better?

14. Do you feel sufficiently herded or does it seem you do all the herding?


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