Hope For The Mountains of Israel; Israel’s Restoration Assured (Ezekiel 36)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 36

  1. Are you afraid of heights? What is the highest spot you’ve visited? Was it man-made or natural?

2. Have you or anyone you know had heart surgery? Was it a long ordeal or a quick operation?

3. What institution do you hate to deal with the most? Bank? IRS? Post office? Motor vehicles? Supermarket? Social Security? What bureaucrat gets the “Heart of Stone Award”?

4. Ezekiel 6 was also directed to the mountains of Israel. What was the earlier message? What had happened in the mountains of Israel (chapter 6:13)?

5. In light of the history of God’s actions, why would the Israelites bother with idols in “high places”? Why was idolatry a constant temptation?

6. How would you summarize Ezekiel’s new message to the mountains? Why did he use the same metaphor for both the good and bad news?

7. What had Israel’s enemies done (verses 2 and 3)? What will God do to the nations which plundered Israel (verses 6 and 7)? Wasn’t this God’s will (verses 17 – 19)? Is God being fair to Israel’s enemies?

8. What did the nations say about God (verses 20 and 21)? What motivated God to restore Israel (verses 21 and 22)? What’s in a name?

9. Where will God perform “surgery” on the people of Israel (verses 24 – 26)? What changes are “on the table”? What will happen to their land (verses 29 and 30)? What will they remember (verse 31)? What did the people do to deserve God’s actions (verse 32)?

10. Would Israel become the kind of place you’d visit (verses 35 – 38)?

11. How do verses 24 – 27 shed light on the mission of Jesus (see Jeremiah 31:33; Hebrews 10″11 – 16)?

12. Does God treat you better than you deserve? Worse? Pretty fair? What does this show you about God’s character?

13. Have you experienced any of God’s promises to Israel?

  • cleansing?
  • stony heart transplant?
  • power to obey?
  • plentiful harvest?

How did it happen?

14. What shape is your heart in right now?

  • like a piece of granite?
  • being broken up by some hard blows?
  • being soften by the steady “rain” of the Spirit?
  • Other?

Why do you describe yourself like this?

15. What fear keeps you from “climbing mountains”? Do you need when you’re being vulnerable?



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