One Nation Under One King (Ezekiel 37:15 – 28)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 37:15 – 28

1. Do you learn best by hearing, doing or seeing? Give an example.

2. Did you ever break something as a child and try to fix it without your parents finding out? Did it work?

3. The people of Israel split into northern and southern kingdoms after the death of King Solomon. Which kingdom is the “stick of Judah” (see 1 Kings 12:21 – 25)? Where was “Ephraim” (see 2 Kings 17:5 and 6)?

4. What is the “point” of Ezekiel’s stick lesson to Israel (verses 22 and 23)?

5. Who will be the king of the united land (verse 24)? How long will His reign last? Who might this “David” represent?

6. Do you think this prophecy has ever been fulfilled?

7. What object lesson has illustrated God’s truth to you recently? Have you been paying attention?

8. Has your family been divided by:

  • sibling rivalry?
  • divorce?
  • death?
  • long-standing feuds?

Can this brokenness be healed? How?

9. Christendom is currently divided into hundreds of rival groups. Do you think God approves? What would it take to restore the unity of all believers as God intended (see John 17:20 – 26)? Is your church open to Christians of different perspectives?



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