Gog and Magog: The Lord’s Great Victory Over the Nations (Ezekiel 38 and 39)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 38 – 39

  1. Have you ever been given a nickname you couldn’t stand? How does the name make you feel?

2. Are your hunches about the future very reliable? Give an example of one that was either exactly right or laughably wrong.

3. If you know you were going to win, would that make playing a game more or less fun for you? Why?

4. Gog is an unknown to us outside this reference. Magog is Hebrew for “the place where Gog lives”. What was the fate of Meshech and Tubal in Ezekiel 32:26?

5. When will the invasion by Gog occur (chapter 38:8, 14)? Is this an upcoming event or the distant future? Will it come soon after the regathering of Israel predicted in chapter 37:24 – 28?

6. What does Gog stand to gain from the attack (chapter 38:11 – 13)? Why is Israel “unwalled”? Who is really behind the attack (chapter 38:16, 17)? Is God always behind wars?

7. Will Gog win this war (chapter 38:18 – 22)? What will Israel do with Gog’s weapons (chapter 39:9, 10)? Wouldn’t you keep a few for yourself? How long will it take to bury the dead (chapter 39:12)? Who do you think should spring for all the cemetery plots?

8. What will God accomplish through this war? What will the whole world learn from it (chapter 39:21)? What will Israel learn (chapter 39:22)?

9. What does Revelation  20:8, 9 say about Gog? Do you think Ezekiel and the Revelation are describing the same event? Two events with similar characters? Is it all symbolic? Or what?

10. How does the idea that God will ultimately destroy all evil make you feel? Sorry for those who are punished? Relieved? Vindicated? Scared? Expectant? Confident? Something else? All the above?

11. In the real world, does good always triumph over evil? Can we humans eliminate evil, or is it something only God can do? Why is it taking so long?

12. Do you think prophecies concerning Israel in the “last days” refer to the Jewish people or the Christian church? How do you take them?

  • literally, complete with horses, shields and swords?
  • allegorically, with Gog and Magog representing actual countries?
  • symbolically, reflecting spiritual realities in Christian lives?

13. Do you feel that God is in control of your life? Your country? World destiny? How much depends on our human choices?



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