A Lament Over Pharaoh; Egypt’s Descent Into the Realm of the Dead (Ezekiel 32)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 32

1. What countries do you think will be world superpowers 50 years from now? Is your answer a hunch or do you have reasons?

2. If you could live some time in the past, when and where would you choose? Why?

3. What animals join the list of metaphors for Egypt and Pharaoh? What will God do to Pharaoh (verses 3 – 8)? How will the “birds and beasts” react? The “moon and stars”?

4. What is the ultimate destination of Pharaoh and his mighty army (verse 18)? Who will share this fate? What had these other nations been like in their prime?

5. How would you define “terrorists”? How are they different than “freedom fighters”?

6. Circumcision was thought to be a rite of purification? Why would it be particularly shameful to be buried with the uncircumcised? With those who had been killed by the sword?

7. Why would Pharaoh “console” himself when he saw that his fate was the same as the great nations of the past (verse 31)?

8. Would you bother being a Christian if there was no afterlife? Why or why not?

9. Judaism has no concept of an eternal hell. What temporal sins do you think deserve eternal punishment? What do you fear most about dying? Why? What hope do you have about facing death? What hope does God want you to have?

10. All world powers have eventually fallen. What might help a mighty nation survive God’s judgment?



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