Ezekiel’s Great Temple Vision – Part 2: The New Temple (Ezekiel 40:48 – 41:26)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 40:48 -41:26

  1. Have you ever visited a cathedral? What impressed you the most? What didn’t impress you?

2. Do you know anyone who is two-faced? How did he or she earn such a description?

3. Inside the inner court is the temple proper, consisting of an entrance portico, an outer sanctuary and an inner sanctuary. What is the inner sanctuary called (verse 4)? How big is it?

4. What are the dimensions of the entire temple (verses 13 and 14)? Did you expect it to be this size?

5. What kind of wall covering was inside the temple (verses 15 and 16)? What figures adorn the wood (verses 18 and 19)? How does this differ from Solomon’s original decor (see 1 Kings 6:29 and 30)? What’s a cherub (see chapter 11:22; also Genesis 3:24, Psalm 18:10)? What might be the significance of these “two-faced” creatures?

6. What are the dimensions of the wooden altar (verse 22)? Do you find this impressive?

7. Why do you think it was so important for Israel to know the temple would be rebuilt? What did it symbolize to them?

8. Today there is no temple in Jerusalem. Does that mean God has abandoned Israel?

9. Do we need holy places? What symbolizes the presence of God to you? How can you be more aware of His nearness in your life?

10. How would you design the ideal place for you to worship? Where would it be? What would have to be present?

11. Imagine you are a temple. In the “most holy place” are the thoughts, feelings or parts of your life you would never dream of revealing to another person. Do you have a right to privacy or should we be open about everything? Under what conditions might you open your “inner sanctuary”? Is it possible to hide things from yourself?



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