Ezekiel’s Great Temple Vision – Part 4: God’s Glory Returns To The Temple (Ezekiel 43:1 – 12)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 43:1 – 12

  1. What favorite entertainer of yours has made a big comeback?  Who should make a “go-away”?

2. What should never be next door to a church? a liquor store? movie theatre? fast food? city hall?

3. Why did the glory of the Lord depart from the temple? Where did the Lord go (chapter 10:18, 19; chapter 11:22, 23)?

4. Where does Ezekiel encounter God (verse 5)? Can he see God?

5. Why does God need to “put his feet up” (see Isaiah 66:1)? Why is the image of God at rest important?

6. Solomon built his palace next to the temple. What kind of neighbors were the Judea?n kings (verse 8)?

7. Why would the exiles feel ashamed upon hearing of the new temple plan (verses 10, 11)?

8. What is the law of the temple?

9. How do you experience the “glory of the Lord”?

10. When did God seem far away? Has God made a comeback, or are you still feeling distant?

11. Think of someone you were once close to but no longer have a relationship with. How would you renew it if you could?



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