Ezekiel’s Great Temple Vision – Part 5: The Great Altar Restored (Ezekiel 43:13 – 27)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 43:13 – 27

  1. Have you ever served on a jury? What verdict did you give? Or did you arrange to be relieved from jury duty?

2. What bad habit could you quit anytime? What habit would be harder to quit?

3. Compare the altar dimensions in verses 13 – 17 with the description of chapter 41:22. Why the difference? How was the small altar in the Most Holy Place used (see Exodus 30:1, 9, 10)? How was the large altar used (1 Kings 8:64)?

4. What sacrifices were required the first week (verses 18 – 26)? Why do you think this was necessary?

5. What sacrifices were offered after the eighth day (verse 27)? What did these ceremonies mean to the people?

6. List the three types of “fellowship offerings” (see Leviticus 7:12, 16). Why couldn’t some parts be eaten (Leviticus 3:14 – 17)?

7. Ezekiel says that animal sacrifices will make Israel acceptable. Why do other prophets disagree (see Psalms 40:6 – 8; 1 Samuel 15:22; Amos 5:21, 22)?

8. Hebrews 10:12 says Jesus made “for all time one sacrifice”. So why do some churches have altars?

9. What is the apostle Paul’s concept of a “living sacrifice” (see Romans 12:1)?

10. What do you need to give up to be closer to God? Why has it been hard to make the sacrifice?



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