Ezekiel’s Great Temple Vision – Part 6: The Priesthood Restored (Ezekiel 44)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 44

1. Have you ever known a teacher or leader who did not practice what he or she preached? What effect did it have on you?

2. Would you bother to pick up a penny from the gutter? Three pennies? A nickel? A dollar bill? What amount is worth the effort?

3. Why is the eastern gateway sealed (verses 1 – 3)? Why do you think the prince is the only person allowed to eat sacrifices in this area?

4. Besides all the other sins mentioned in earlier chapters, what has Israel done to dishonor the Lord (verses 5 – 9)? What do you think it means to have an uncircumcised heart?

5. Who were some famous members of the tribe of Levi (see Exodus 2:1, 10; chapter 4:14)? What “put food on the table” in a Levite home (Deuteronomy 18:1 – 5)? How had some of the Levites strayed from the Lord (verse 12)? How does their job description read (verses 11, 13, 14)? How will the faithful Levites serve (verses 15 and 16)?

6. What might be wrong with wearing wool (verses 17 and 18)? In what ways were the priests in the new temple to sanctify themselves (verses 20 – 23, 25)? What was the point of these regulations?

7. Was Israel to have courts of law (verse 24)? Do you think any dispute in Israel could be considered a secular issue?

8. Circumcision made a male a Jew. Why did God exclude non-Jews form His temple? What slang word for “Gentile” did Jesus use (see Mark 7:26, 27)? Is there any type of person you’d just soon not speak to?

9. What rite makes a person a Christian? Ezekiel spoke of those whose hearts weren’t circumcised. Can there be Christians whose hearts aren’t baptized?

10. Why is the Lord so concerned with the cleanness of His representatives? Have prominent figures who claim to represent God been known for cleanness in our society? How has this affected God’s reputation? Does your life show the cleanness or holiness of God?

11. What characterizes your tithes and offerings?

  • prime rib?
  • rump roast?
  • leftovers?

12. How can you give God your first fruits? Is money the only acceptable sacrifice?

13. What do you think of Ezekiel’s system for paying priests? Is this how modern ministers should be paid or compensated?



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