Ezekiel’s Great Temple Vision – Part 9: The River From The Temple (Ezekiel 47:1 – 12)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 47:1 – 12

  1. Do you like swimming? Do you prefer an ocean, lake or swimming pool?

2. What’s your favorite drink on a hot day?

3. Where does the river start? Which direction does it flow (verses 1 and 2)?

4. What happens to the river as it get farther from the temple (verses 3 – 6)?

5. As it flows into the Dead Sea, what happens to the animals, fish, trees and people of the region (verses 7 – 12)? What would the river mean to a people dependent on walls and cisterns for water?

6. What might Ezekiel’s river represent? How do Jesus and the New Testament writers use the image of the river (John 4:14 and Revelation 22:2)?

7. What best describes your relationship with God?

  • dying of thirst
  • man overboard
  • treading water
  • overflowing
  • water-logged
  • smooth sailing

8. Does some part of your life feel like a parched desert? What could happen that would be like living water in the desert?

9. Picture the spiritual life as a river that keeps getting deep and deeper. Are you testing the waters? Ankle deep? Up to you waist? What is the next step?


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