Ezekiel’s Great Temple Vision – Part 11: The Division of the Land (Ezekiel 48:1 – 29)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 48:1 – 29

  1. How many children did your parents have? Did any of your relatives have 10 – 12 children? How did they manage?

2. What are your most prized earthly assets? If you died tonight, who would you want to get them?

3. Does God redistribute the land evenly (verses 1 – 7)? Will some of the land be more fertile? More mountainous? Is this fair?

4. There are 13 tribes listed here. Which son of Jacob sired two tribes (Genesis 48:5 and 6)? Which tribe gets land for the first time (verses 13 and 14)? How does this land rank? Why can’t they sell it?

5. How does God treat the Zadokites differently from the rest of the Levites (verses 10 – 13)? Why?

6. Who will share the arable pastureland near the city (verses 15 – 20)? In Ezekiel’s vision, is land owned by private individuals or by the community?

7. When you picture God’s kingdom coming to this world, do you see economic justice as a central feature? Why or why not? Should it be? What do you imagine it will look like?

8. Should individuals rights suffer for the good of the community, or should the community suffer to protect individual rights? What prevails in this country?

9. What are the biggest barriers to community in your neighborhood? How can you promote community in the world?


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