Ezekiel’s Great Temple Vision – Part 12: The Gates of the New City (Ezekiel 48:30 – 35)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 48:30 – 35

  1. How many gates are there? Where are they located? What are they named after (verses 30 – 34)? Which two tribes share one gate (verse 32; see Genesis 48:5, 6)?

2. What is the name of the city (verse 35)? Given the nature of this book, why is this name especially significant? Do you think the Jerusalem envisioned by Ezekiel ever came to be? Was the name ever changed?

3. Do you think the book of Ezekiel ends abruptly? How would you have ended it? Considering the way it ends, what is especially important about Ezekiel’s prophecy?

4. The prophets often see the image of God living in the midst of a peaceful city. Why hasn’t it come to pass? Do you think we humans are called to build the “beautiful city”, or is that a job only for God?

5. In the apostle John’s vision of the “New Jerusalem” (see Revelation chapters 21 and 22), what kink of person will live there? Are you one of its citizens?



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