Job’s Second Test (Job 2)

Scripture Text:

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Job 2

1. Who is your favorite TV courtroom attorney? Your favorite TV judge? What do you like about them?

2. What experience have you had in court as a witness, defendant or plaintiff?

3. In this heavenly courtroom scene, how would you characterize the defendant? His wife? The prosecuting attorney? The judge? The three witnesses?

4. How does this judge respond to the tactics of the accuser and the rights of the defendant the first time around (verse 3)? And the second time (verses 4 – 6)? Is Satan still on a leash or given more free rein?

5. What part does Job’s wife play in this courtroom scene? If Job did curse God, what would that prove about Job? About God? About Satan?

6. Instead, how does Job respond? How do his three friends respond? What do you find commendable in their response?

7. In tests 1 and 2, is Job on trial? Or is God in the dock? Why?

8. Recall the last time you “sat among the ashes”. What questions were you asking God then? Who else listened to you? What answers did you get?

9. When bad things happen to good people, whom do you blame?

10. When are you most comfortable with silence? Why? When is silence more preferable, even more powerful, than words?

11. Back to today’s text – Why did God allow Satan to afflict Job again?

  • to prove Satan was wrong
  • to punish Job
  • to test Job
  • to strengthen Job
  • God couldn’t prevent it
  • it’s a mystery

12. This story shows that Satan . . .

  • knows what’s happening on earth
  • know what’s going on in heaven
  • accuses believers
  • has little power
  • has great power
  • is limited by God

13. What was Job’s wife saying?

  • what Satan wanted Job to hear
  • “look where your integrity has gotten you”
  • “be honest with your feelings”
  • “curse God so you can die”
  • “it’s too late for you integrity”

14. After this, some friends came to “comfort” Job. What would you have said or done to help Job?

15. How could Job make such strong statements of faith (Job 1:21, Job 2:10) after such tragedies?

  • what happened to him hadn’t really sunk in yet
  • his faith in God was all he had left
  • he thought if he were faithful, God would give everything back
  • it was ingrained in him from of life-time of faith-training
  • it shows this is fiction – no real person would respond that way

16. What happened the last time your faith was seriously tested?

  • I flunked
  • I quit before I finished
  • I passed after remedial work
  • I did about average
  • I passed with flying colors

17. What do you need to do to be ready for the next test?

  • study more
  • work on my priorities
  • take out some insurance
  • know that God is with me

18. Do you think Job actually come to the place of accepting his losses? What, if anything, keeps you from accepting loss in your life?

19. In light of the suffering you’ve experienced or observed in others, do you find yourself more like Job or his wife? How can you keep trusting God even when the end isn’t in sight?

20. How do you think Job was able to maintain such a positive perspective about living with pain? If you are currently living with pain, what is one step you can take to move in that direction?



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