Job’s Speaks (Job 3)

Scripture Text:

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Job 3

1. Imagine if your closest family member or friend had never been born – how would your life be different?

2. What day qualifies as worst day of your life? Explain briefly.

3. Note the change in the text from prose to poetry. What does this change mean? Should poetry be interpreted just like prose. Or are the rules different?

4. After what (verse 1) does Job speak? What is the relation between their prolonged silence and his eventual speech?

5. Is Job speaking logically? Theologically? Emotionally? How can you tell?

6. How close does Job to cursing God (verses 1 – 10)? Why does Job curse the day of his birth, and not God? Is cursing God’s creation equivalent to cursing God? Or is there a difference? If so, what?

7. In verses 11 – 26, instead of cursing, what is Job doing? Who is he questioning? What does he prefer to the status quo?

8. By cursing and questioning his own existence, how does this implicate God? What statement of Job’s comes closest to questioning God’s power? God’s wisdom? God’s goodness?

9. In light of chapter 1, what irony do you see in verse 23? Who was “hedging” before? Who is hedging now?

10. What does this chapter tell you about Job’s health – emotionally, physically and spiritually? What does it tell you (if anything) about his sense of loss? Does that surprise you? How so?

11. When (if ever) have you felt like life was not worth living? What were the circumstances? What did you end up doing about that? Where was God for you when it hurt the most?

12. How do you respond to rhetorical questions, such as Job asks (verses 11, 12, 16, 20 – 23)? Why does he use them? When would you use them? Who do you expect to answer?

13. Which three friends of yours are better listeners than most? What might you want to share with them now?



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