Job Replies (Job 6:1 – 7:5)

Scripture Text:

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Job 6:1 – 7:5

1. In what areas of your life are you a noted “heavyweight”?

  • heavy thinker?
  • heavy player?
  • heavy talker?
  • heavy sleeper?
  • heavy worker?
  • theological heavyweight?

2. In what areas of your life are you considered a “lightweight”?

3. In chapter 6:2 – 6 and chapter 7:1 – 6, does Job describe his anguish more in physical terms? Emotional tones? Spiritual ideas? Or what?

4. What images or word pictures carry more of the weight of Job’s anguish than any of the others?

5. Who does Job view as the source of his suffering? According to chapters 1 and 2, is he right?

6. How does Job regard the food for thought offered by Eliphaz (verses 5 and 6)?

7. What is Job’s request in verses 8 – 10? Is he thinking of suicide? Or is he a masochist? Or what? What does his “consolation” prize (verse 10) say about his priorities?

8. Is Job being too hard on his friends (verses 14 – 30)? What does he expect of his “brothers” (compare Galatians 6:1, 2)? How have they proven to be of no help? What false accusations does he want them to take back?

9. What does Job’s “integrity” consist of (verse 29; see chapter 2:9, 10)? Why does he think his integrity is at stake here?

10. Have you ever experienced anything like Job’s misery (as described in chapter 7:3, 4) for months? Several nights? Even one night? What were the circumstances and your response to them?

11. When have you felt like your personal integrity was at stake? What did you do to defend yourself from false accusations?

12. If “silence is golden”, what is friendly advice worth to you? When is it priceless? When is it worthless? What does your assessment depend on?

13. What consolation have you experienced from the hand of God?



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