Job Replies (Job 7:6 – 21)

Scripture Text:

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Job 7:6 – 21

1. In your under-your-breath conversations were monitored for a day, what would that likely reveal about you?

  • lots of self-talk, berating myself
  • many pep-talks, encouraging myself
  • unmentionable cursing?
  • talk back sessions?
  • prayers too deep for words?
  • last laughs?
  • imaginary friends?

2. To whom is Job speaking now? Why pray now?

3. In praying, is Job trying to get God to pay more attention to him? Or is Job trying to get rid of God (who now terrifies him)?

4. Is Job’s complaint frivolous or well-founded (verses 11 – 16)?

5. Why does Job doubt his self-worth (verses 15 – 17)? Why does he think God created him (verses 18 – 21)?

6. What does it mean to be examined by God, according to Job? According to the psalmist (Psalm 8:4 – 8; Psalm 139)? How are their situations different?

7. Consider a close friend: Would you rather know this person, or be known by this person? What is the difference?

8. Likewise, what does it mean to both know God and be known by Him? Compared to human friendships, how well do you and God know each other? Does that make you feel comfort or discomfort?



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