Bildad the Shuhite Replies (Job 8)

Scripture Text:

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Job 8

1. Who among your family has lived the longest? Has the most formal education? Has graduated from the school of hard knocks?

2. How does the tone of Bildad’s argument compare to the older Eliphaz? What kind of friend does he appear to be?

3. What is Bildad’s view of justice? What “if . . . then . . .” formula does he use on Job?

4. In the eyes of Bildad, what is Job? Explain your answer (verses 2, 6, 13, 20)?

  • an evil hypocrite (pretending to be something he is not)?
  • self-deceived?
  • all talk, no-show?
  • “pure, upright, blameless”?

5. At what point is Bildad’s prophecy more accurate than he thinks (verses 6, 20; see chapter 42:10 – 17)?

6. What source does Bildad draw upon for his authoritative view (verses 8 – 10)? Does this seem any more reliable to you than Eliphaz’s source (see chapter 4:12 – 16)?

7. What age-old wisdom of former generations does Bildad offer (verses 11 – 19)? How does that extended proverb apply to Job’s situation?

8. What proverbial wisdom has been effectively passed down in your family by those who have graduated from life’s school of hard knocks? How would that wisdom apply to Job’s situation? To your current situation?

9. What view would Bildad likely have of you and your situation, as compared to Job? How would you respond to a friend like Bildad?



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