Job Replies (Job 9:1 – 24)

Scripture Text:

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Job 9:1 – 24

1. When have you felt small and most overwhelmed by an awesome natural wonder?

  • on top of a mountain or canyon?
  • flying?
  • inside a mammoth cave?
  • sailing the ocean?
  • gazing at the stars?

2. By contrast, when do you feel big?

3. Which did you feel last week – small or big? How come?

4. Why does Job ask the same question as Elipaz (verse 2; see chapter 4:17)?

  • mockery?
  • self-defense?
  • flattery?
  • pursuit of truth?

5. In what respects does Job agree with his friends on the character of God? On his own character? Where does he go beyond what the others believe? Where is he more modest (verses 10 and 11; see chapter 4:15, 16)?

6. If God is undeniably and infinitely great (verses 5 – 10), does Job believe God’s greatness is controlled at all by goodness or justice? Why or why not?

7. What would Job like to say to God if granted a day in court with Him (verses 3, 14 – 24)? Who would be on trial? In the witness stand? Who would be the blind-folded judge? The prosecuting attorney?

8. In Job’s case, what would be the reasonable verdict? The morally indifferent verdict?

9. In what tone of voice do you hear Job setting forth his case: angry? bitter? sarcastic? humble? begging?

10. How does Job think sin and suffering are related? How is that different from his friends? According to Jesus, who gets the greater share of justice and mercy (see Matthew 5:45)?

11. How do you see sin and suffering related? Give an example to support your answer.

  • I suffer the consequences of my sins.
  • I suffer for the sins of others.
  • I suffer without regard to sin.
  • I sin without suffering any immediate consequences?
  • I sin without suffering, period.

12. Which statement from Question #11 do you think Job would agree with? Why?

13. When you feel guilt, how do you know it is God convicting you, not Satan or self? How do you know the difference between true and false guilt?

14. What is your to the question raised in Job 9:2? In Job 4:17?



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