Job Replies (Job 9:25 – 10:22)

Scripture Text:

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Job 9:25 – 10:22

1. In your no-holds-barred family arguments, who tends to be the position-taker? The conflict-avoider? The negotiator? The scapegoat? Who generally wins and why?

2. What “moment’s joy” were you given last week?

3. In chapter 9:25 – 31, Job shifts focus – to what? What feelings can you discern? What unsound reasoning?

4. In chapter 9:32 – 35, Job resumes the theme of chapter 9:14 – 21. How so? What puzzling problem comes into sharp focus in chapter 9:32, 33?

5. Is Job eager to make intellectual sense of the problem of suffering? Or is he more eager to attain or preserve a right relationship with God, which makes suffering acceptable, if not intelligible? Is he looking for forgiveness from some divine mediator (see Hebrews 9:15), or is he desiring someone to attest to his innocence?

6. In the “complaint” of chapter 10:1 – 7, what is Job appealing to God for? On what basis (chapter 10:8 – 12)? In this is he defiant and arrogant, or puzzles and hurt?

7. If God’s intentions in creating life were good, why would Job go on to conclude that very same life is not worth living (chapter 10:18 – 22)? Why would God create life at all if He was only going to destroy it later?

8. From his description of it, is Job eagerly awaiting the joy of life after death, as his one hope of escaping the pain of this life? Or does his “moment’s joy” lie somewhere, sometime only on this side of the grave?

9. Job saw himself in chapter 10:14 – 17 as (we might say) “caught between a rock and a hard place.” When have you felt likewise? How did you solve the riddle of your dilemma?

10. In the future, how is Christ to be the answer to the questions raised by Job? How has Christ the Mediator solved the unsolvable dilemmas of your life?

11. When have you simply laid out your miserable options before God in a “complaint” What happened as a result?



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