Zophar the Naamathite Replies (Job 11)

Scripture Text:

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Job 11

1. What favorite saying in your family (such as, “time heals all wounds”) is quoted to those who hit bottom and need a pick-me up?

2. What do you do when you want to wipe out the memory of a bad day?

  • sleep?
  • play music?
  • call a friend?
  • read?
  • talk to God?
  • work out?
  • eat?
  • have a drink? take medication? or another drug?

3. What theological formula of Eliphaz and Bildad does Zophar now carry forward, even more forcefully? Is Zophar “all wet” in this thinking? Or is he right in some respects? And wrong?

4. Compared to the other two, what tone of voice do you hear in Zophar’s speech? Why does Zophar seem more eager to rebuke Job?

5. What presumptions does he make about Job (verses 3 and 4, 13 – 20)? When has Job ever mocked God? Or claimed “flawless ” beliefs and “pure” behavior?

6. In what ways does Zophar misrepresent God (verses 6, 17, 19; compare Psalm 73, where the psalmist disagrees with Zophar’s “bed of roses” theology)?

7. How do you explain situations in life that you don’t understand? Is the “why” question something that nags at you?

8. How much do you want to know about the behind-the-scenes drama going on between God and Satan in the battle for your obedience of faith? Would you rather not know all there is to know?

9. What is the proper role of faith and reason in solving the mysteries of life, such as the one faced by Job? Does prayer reveal answers to the otherwise “unexplainable”? Or is prayer itself a mystery? Explain.



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