Job Replies (Job 13:6 – 28)

Scripture Text:

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Job 13:6 – 28

1. When you were a child, what was on the very top of your wish list?

2. When you became an adult, how did that wish list change?

3. In verses 6 – 12, how does Job (the defendant) turn the tables on the three friends?

4. What is so wrong with the way they have been arguing the case for God (verses 7 and 8)? By what standards will they in turn be judged (verses 9 – 12)?

5. What risks is Job taking in bypassing his friends and appealing his case directly to God (verses 13 – 19)? Of what is he most certain? Why?

6. What do you see here in Job’s character: spunk? spite? courage? arrogance? hope? foolishness?

7. Of the many issues he takes up with God (verses 20 – 27), what are the “two things” Job desires most from him?

8. In what ways does Job lay himself wide open for yet more “bitter things” from God? With what mistaken notion about sins and suffering is Job still burdened?

9. If you could make two requests of God, with the prospect of them both coming true, what would they be? How might they change if your were facing extreme hardship?

10. Compared to Job, with what attitudes do you approach God? When does seeking after God become “risky” for you? Are you willing to take that risk, now? Why or why not?



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