Job Replies (Job 16)

Scripture Text:

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Job 16

1. Which role best describes the image of God you had as you were growing up? grandfather? benefactor? executioner? politician? spy? Scrooge? lifeguard? coach? other?

2. Today, what roles would you use to describe God to a non-Christian friend?

3. How would your unchurched friend depict God?

4. How does Job feel about his friends now (verses 1 – 5)? What kind of comforters have they proven to be? Could he do any better?

5. Who does Job see as his real enemy and why (verses 7 and 8)? What four pictures of God does he paint in verses 8 – 14? What is his attitude toward God? Irreverent? Bitter? Hateful?

6. Is there any question in Job’s mind who is the source of his suffering? Is Job cursing God here? Why or why not?

7. What picture does Job paint of himself in verses 15 – 17? Does he admit guilt? Does he feel the need to perform sacrifices to God as he does in chapter 1:5? Why of why not?

8. What does he want in chapter 16:18 – 17:1? death? human comfort? heavenly intercession? vindication before his peers while there is still time?

9. When have you blamed God for something in your life? What were the circumstances? Were you justified in your accusations, or was your case “thrown out of court”? On what grounds?

10. When have you felt accused by God? Were you feeling real, objective guilt? Or was it self-inflicted, psychological guilt? How so?



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