Job Replies (Job 17)

Scripture Text:

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Job 17

1. We all have our moments when we fly so high with hope “we scrape the ceiling” or feel so sad someone has to “scrape us off the floor”. What two such scraping experiences have you had most recently?

2. What tone of voice do you hear in verse 3? Verse 6? Verses 8 – 10? Verses 12 – 16?

3. Who are the mockers (verse 2)? The denouncing man (verse 5)? The upright and innocent (verse 8)? The righteous (verse 9)? The worm (verse 14)?

4. Does Job’s claim to righteousness provide genuine hope or wishful thinking during his suffering? How can he be so sure he is right?

5. How low is Job here? Can he get any lower? Is this a case of it always being “darkest before dawn”? Or is darkness alone the end in view? Explain.

6. When someone demands from you an assurance that they are right, how do you react?

7. What do you think of Job’s odd bedfellows in verses 13 – 16? Have you (or anyone you know) ever felt that suicide was an option? What kept you going?

8. How would you intercede for a person this close to hitting rock bottom? Where would you turn for help?



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