Bildad the Shuhite Replies (Job 18)

Scripture Text:

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Job 18

1. Think of a time in your childhood when you did wrong and got away with it. How did you feel about it then? How do you feel about it now?

2. In what ways has Bildad’s mood changed from his first speech (chapter 8)? Who does he now view as wicked? Why?

3. How does Bildad respond to Job’s words in Job 12:7 – 10? What is he suggesting that Job is trying to do (verses 3 and 4)?

4. What is so wrong with Bildad’s theology in verses 5 – 21? Which of his assertions is tainted . . .

  • evil persons have to live with the consequences of their sins?
  • evil is a trap?
  • evil brings calamity?
  • the wages of sin is death?

5. But to whom is Bildad applying this theology? In what circumstances? What is of primary concern to Bildad, the traditionalist? Can one be right in theory and wrong in practice? How so?

6. When have you caught yourself saying “they are only living with the consequences of their sin”? What were the circumstances? When have you been right in applying this concept to others? When have you been wrong? Upon what grounds did you judge?

7. Is there an exact correlation between a person’s suffering and his sin? How is this concept of “suffering equals sin” different from the concept of “living with the consequences of your sin”?



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