Job Replies (Job 19)

Scripture Text:

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Job 19

1. If you were poised over your own tombstone with a chisel in hand, what words would you inscribe to summarize your life? How would you want people to remember you?

2. What are your favorite lines from Handel’s Messiah?

3. Surely now (verses 6 – 20) Job has cursed God. Or has he? What does cursing God mean for Job . . .

  • to claim righteousness for himself (verses 4 – 9)?
  • to blame God as his enemy (verse 6)?
  • to be lonely, rejected by loved ones and in despair rather than to “trust” God (verses 13 – 20)?
  • other?

4. Could it be that God has cursed or “wronged” Job ? How so? Is Job here refuting Bildad’s notion that man brings evil upon himself (see chapter 18:8 – 10)? Or is he only denying that in his case, suffering is not the consequence of evil? And if not Job, then who else but God can he blame?

5. In contrast to friends and family, who are all alienated from him, to whom does Job turn in verses 23 – 27? What is it that Job wants inscribed and for what reason? For what does he yearn?

6. God has wronged, struck and alienated Job (verses 6 – 22). How can He also be Job’s “Redeemer” (verse 25) . . .

  • Job is speaking of Christ who redeems from guilt and sin?
  • Job wants someone to plead his case before God?
  • Job thinks of God alone as his “kinsman redeemer”?

7. In reference to Question #6, what else could Job have in mind?

8. Is there a sharper pain than rejection by your loved ones? When have you been in a parent in pain? A child in pain? A spouse in pain?

9. When have you found it easier to depend upon your good works rather than to hope in a Redeemer who lives and cares for His own? How could you use a living Redeemer right now?



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