Zophar the Naamathite Replies (Job 20)

Scripture Text:

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Job 20

1. What is the “sure-fire” way of starting an argument in your home (on the job, with your in-laws or your best friend)? What is your “sure-fire” way of ending one?

2. What seems to bother Zophar the most about Job’s earlier remarks (chapter 19:28, 29), as reflected here (verses 1 – 3)? Are Zophar’s arguments (verses 4 – 11) now just theoretical? What else is at stake for him and his source of authority?

3. According to Zophar, what immediate consequences befall the wicked (verses 4 – 11)? What images help to make his point? What disasters are prepared for the wicked (verses 23 – 29)?

4. According to standards for “orthodoxy”, what flaws (if any) can you find in Zophar’s theology of what happens to the wicked? Can there be any escaping the “logic” of what he’s saying?

5. When was the last time a sweet, healthy family discussion turned into a sour, vicious argument? Did it start with good intentions? What went wrong? Why did it turn personal? What drama was going on beneath the spoken words? How did the discussion end?

6. What was going on in your own mouth and stomach as you chewed on what Zophar had to say in verses 12 – 23?



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