Job Replies (Job 23)

Scripture Text:

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Job 23

1. Did you enjoy playing “hide-and-seek” as a child (or as a parent with a child)? Which did you like more – the hiding or seeking? If you were “it”, what motivated you to keep seeking?

2. If you were to bring a malpractice suit against God for the bad way things turned out one particular day, what would be the charges? What compensation would you want?

3. Job dares to seek a day in court with God. What would he do in God’s presence (verses 3 – 7)? Why does he wish from God in return?

4. Why can’t Job find God (verses 8 and 9; compare Psalm 139:7 – 10):

  • looking in the wrong places?
  • not looking with faith or humility?
  • veiled from seeing what we readers of the Prologue can see?
  • God can stay in hiding as long as He pleases?

5. How do verses 10 – 12 resolve this paradox of God’s silence? How does Job contradict Eliphaz’ advice in chapter 22:22? What does it mean to be “tested” by God?

6. In verses 13 – 17, what does Job fear? What does he hope?

7. When you, like Job, can’t sense God in your life, what do you feel the most? Loneliness? Disorientation? Alienation? Guilt? Explain your answer.

8. Why does God sometimes chose to “hide”? What can you do to make God reveal Himself?

9. At such times, is He hiding from you, or are you hiding from Him?

10. How does God take the initiative to finding you?



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