Job Replies (Job 24)

Scripture Text:

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Job 24

1. Desk tops can be quite revealing. What does yours say about you? creative clutter? well-order paranoia? What would your closest family member say and why?

2. Would you want Judgment Day to come sooner (while everything is still in order) or later (to give you time to clean house)?

3. Job still wants to know where in the world is God when it hurts. What is the implication behind his questions in verse 1?

4. What does the prosperity of the wicked say about God’s system of justice (verses 1 – 12)? What does Job think God is doing about crimes committed against the poor (verses 2 – 4)? The unfulfilled needs of the poor and oppressed (verses 5 – 12)? The crimes of the wicked (verses 13 – 17)?

5. Does Job seem more concerned about the victims of crime, the perpetrators of crime, or the God who seemingly does nothing about either? In questioning Him in this way, is Job cursing God now?

6. Does it please Job (and his friends) that the wicked do get their due (verses 18 – 25), or does that only exacerbate Job’s dilemma? How so?

7. How is Job limited by time (verse 1, 21 – 24)? How is God unlimited by this constraint?

8. When you look at the condition of the world today, do you ever wonder whether God is in control? Explain.

9. What is your answer to why the evil person prospers? To why poverty and social injustice persist? To why murder, theft, adultery are on the rise?

10. If justice is served only after you pass from the scene, what satisfaction do you derive from that? Are you willing to wait until then for justice to be done? What moral deterrent is that to those who don’t care what happens to them in the next life?



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