Job Replies (Job 26)

Scripture Text:

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Job 26

1. Were you ever fascinated with dinosaurs and monsters of the deep? Who did you picture as able to slay them?

2. How does this speech relate to Bildad’s speech (chapter 25)? To what his friends said earlier in chapter 11:7 – 9?

3. Why the sarcasm? Why the colorful images?

4. Review the figures of speech. What pictures of God in relation do they paint for you of God in relation to His creation?

5. What attributes of God are plainly evident in creation? Which can only be faintly discerned (verse 14)?

6. What is your response to this hymn of praise?

7. Imagine yourself praising God in this manner while in Job’s condition. Can you? How can a man who once looked futilely in all directions for God (in chapter 23) now describe God like this? What does it say about Job? About God?

8. With words only (no pictures, analogies, or figurative language), try to describe God (as if to a child). What words do you use? Are words alone adequate? Why or why not?



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