Job Continues His Discourse (Job 27)

Scripture Text:

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Job 27

1. In disputed matters, how easy is it for you to admit someone else is in the right? During the first round of the conflict? Second? Fifteenth?

2. Ever lock horns in a never-ending dispute? What was it like?

3. Is Job appealing to his own rights or to God’s justice (verses 2 – 6)? If he were appealing to his rights, what would be his case?

4. How far has Job come here from his response to his wife in chapter 2? Has he compromised an inch? A foot? A mile? What is still most important to him? What does hanging onto his integrity have to do with cursing or not cursing God?

5. Who are Job’s enemies? What does he wish for them? What are the implications?

6. What is the fate of the wicked (verses 13 – 23)? How does this description compare with Zophar’s description in chapter 20? To what extent does Job fit this description?

7. When have you wanted something so much that you were willing to come to blows in order to receive it? How might the saying, “no pain, no gain”, fit Job?

8. Was it wrong for Job to complain to God? Why or why not? What does the believer’s apparent freedom to question or argue with God say about the character of God?



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