Interlude: Where Wisdom Is Found (Job 28)

Scripture Text:

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Job 28

1. If you were looking for “wisdom” in your hometown, where would you look first? And how would you know when you found “wisdom”?

  • the community college?
  • the bar scene?
  • your relatives?
  • Sunday School class?

2. Recall a time when you were looking to master a certain subject in school. Where did you go to find what you were looking for?

3. Where (if anywhere) has Job found wisdom in the words of his friends?

  • through mystical experience?
  • theology and historical precedent?
  • common sense?

4. Why not just call God’s actions a mystery and leave it at that?

5. If a monetary figure could assess how precious wisdom and understanding are to Job (verses 13 – 19), what figure would you pick?

6. How does one answer Job’s question, “where does wisdom come from” (verses 12 and 20)? Does it appear to be easily available? Plainly seen? Mysteriously hidden? Divinely revealed? Spiritually discerned? Commonly overlooked?

7. With what price tag does wisdom come (verses 15 – 19)?

8. What does it mean that God looked, appraised, confirmed and tested wisdom (verse 27)? How is wisdom apparent in one’s life (verse 28)?

9. How understanding are you of the way God is working in your life? If you could see behind heaven’s curtain to behold the purpose and rationale behind all things happening to you, would you keep your eyes open, or would you turn away?

10. All modesty aside, are you considered a wise person? In what ways? How will you strive to be a wiser and more understanding person this month?



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