Job’s Final Defense (Job 29)

Scripture Text:

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Job 29

1. The good old days. What slice of life in your past are you yearning to taste once again? What made it so good? Was it really all that good?

2. How does Job’s characterize his past relationship with God (verses 1 – 6)? How does his memory of the “good old days” compare with what was said of him back then (chapter 1:1 – 5)? Has God’s relationship with Job changed? How so?

3. How would you portray Job’s role in the community?

  • wealthy banker?
  • civic-minded mayor?
  • benevolent physician?
  • community activist?
  • pious preacher?

4. With one word, characterize Job’s reputation. Is he being boastful here, or just realistic?

5. What were Job’s expectations and goals in life (verses 18 – 20)? Did he have every right to hold these expectations? What right did Job have to expect anything good from God?

6. What memories of your past are especially meaningful to you? Why? How have these memories sustained you in difficult times? In what ways can memories be viewed as gifts from God?

7. Looking to the future, what right do we have to expect only good things from God? Doesn’t God always give us “the desires of our heart” (see Psalm 20:4)? What does God promise that we can expect? What doesn’t He promise?



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