Job’s Final Defense (Job 30)

Scripture Text:

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Job 30

1. As of today, which before-and-after picture would best describes your life . . .

  • the loss of weight?
  • the loss of hair?
  • mortgage payments instead of rent?
  • other?

2. Demonstrating the truth of chapter 1:21, “the Lord gave” (chapter 29) and “the Lord has taken away” (chapter 30). In chapter 30, what has been taken away? What was Job most concerned about losing? What about his children, his possessions, his health? Why is his reputation so important (verses 9 – 15) to him?

3. As those who understand the events of chapter 1 and 2, how do you respond to Job’s comments in verses 16 – 23? What is Job claiming God has done with His divine power? Is he right?

4. Why doesn’t God answer Job when he calls (verse 20)? Is Job being ignored? Why aren’t Job’s sincerity and righteousness enough (verses 24 and 25)? Is it a matter of praying harder?

5. What larger “celestial” issues are at stake here of which Job is not aware? How would the cause-and-effects  of Job’s life make more sense if he, too, had the bigger picture?

6. Didn’t Job show a great lack of faith by not simply trusting that God has a bigger plan and that he needn’t worry? Explain.

7. If you had access to the “larger picture” in your life how would it affect your attitude heading into next week? How would if affect your relationship with God? What one corner of the larger picture would you like to know?

8. What would you guess are the larger issues going on between God and Satan that are presently shaping the cause-and-effects of your life and your world right now?

9. Does questioning God mean you are lacking in faith or exercising faith? Do problems in your life result from lack of faith on your part or because your faith is deemed worthy? In light of Job, what else could be the cause of problems in your life?.


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