Elihu Continues To Speak (Job 35)

Scripture Text:

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Job 35

1. In conversation, when do you end up using more words without making more sense: When more sure of your position or less so? When angry and upset or when happy and joyous?

2. In prayer, when do you end up using a lot of words: When feeling righteous? When feeling God has not heard yet? When another person is listening?

3. God is seen by some as familiar and personal and by others as transcendent and detached. According to Elihu, why is that?

4.  How does sin affect our relationship and righteousness with God (verses 5 – 7)? What difference does it make whether we sin or not (verse 3)?

5. Why does Elihu say that God hasn’t answered some prayers (verses 12 – 15)?

6. Does his description of God strike you as quite intimately involved, or does Elihu’s God detach himself from Job? Why no answers to prayer?

7. What tells you that you’ve “made contact” with God?  When in your life has it seemed that God was just not answering a prayer of yours? What did you do then? What reasons were you given?

8. Have you ever thought that God didn’t care or that He was judging you for some sin or lack of faith in your life? What was that period of silence like?


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