Elihu Continues To Speak (Job 37)

Scripture Text:

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Job 37

1. What motivates you more?

  • a well-timed whisper full of wisdom
  • a mighty shout that gets you off your feet
  • a radical change in circumstances

2. Are you more of a fall, winter, spring or summer person? Why?

3. Why does Elihu’s heart “leap”? How does he describe God’s voice?

4. How does God grab our attention here (verses 6 – 13)? How does God “show His love” (verse 13)?

5. In what condition is Job now as Elihu addresses Him (verses 14 – 18)? could Job use a chilling north wind (verse 10) or a warm southerly (verse 17) right now?

6. According to Elihu, is God oppressing Job (verse 23)? Why or why not?

7. Why do people worship God (verse 24)? How does that fit Job’s situation?

8. On a scale of one to 10, how would you describe your “LQ” (listening quotient) in your relationship with God? What needs to happen for you to become a better listener to God in nature? To God in His Word?

9. Paraphrase “awesome majesty” (verse 22) in terms of something non-theological. Is this inspiring power of God beyond the reach of all believers (verse 23), even those who know God through Jesus Christ? When, where and how will we humans come close to “awesome majesty”?



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