The LORD Answers Job (Job 38)

Scripture Text:

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Job 38

1. Think of a time in your life when you have gotten the wrong answer because you asked the wrong question. Silly you, what happened? When did you finally wake up and fly right?

2. What about the natural world is for you a most awesome experience? Scary things like tornadoes and hurricanes? Tall things like redwood trees and mountain peaks? Powerful things like waterfalls and volcanoes? Little things like sprouting grass and microscopic cells? Vast things like the oceans and the stars of outer space? Give one example of being overwhelmed by God’s creation?

3. Does God reveal Himself here as a distant, transcendent entity under whom Job should cower? Or as a personal God who is willing to reveal Himself? What does it mean for Job to meet God in the storm? Is this what either Job (see chapter 31:35) or Elihu expected (see chapter 37:22)?

4. How is Job proven wrong about what would happen if he were to meet God face-to-face (see chapter 9:14 – 20)?

5. From the peculiar way that God chooses to answer Job, who is really on trial? Which, if any, of Job’s charges against God does God choose to answer?

6. Is God skirting the issues, or getting to the main point? Is God trying to humiliate Job with a list of his grave sins or of God’s great accomplishments? Explain.

7. What do you think is net effect on Job of God’s dumbfounded questions? Pick a few of these ponderous questions and see how Job would have answered them.

8. What is God trying to teach Job about His divine nature? What does it say about human nature in general? And the nature of Job in particular, that God is communicating with Him in this manner?

9. Does God reveal the specific answers for why Job suffered? What does He reveal?

10. How does God’s response to Job reflect Job’s concerns throughout? Has Job ever asked for specific answers to the “whys” behind the loss of children, possessions and health? What has always been His concern instead? To what extent are God’s concerns here the same as Job has had all along?

11. What kind of questions do you ask God when you don’t understand circumstances in your life? What do you pray for? Does God always give you solutions to your problems or answers to your questions?

12. What else might God want to be revealing to you? Any “reasons why” certain things happen to you? Or is it enough to know God is good and God is great?



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