The LORD Answers Job (Job 39)

Scripture Text:

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Job 39

1. Which animal do you have more fascination for – those on a farm, in a zoo or in the wilderness? Of those animals, which is your favorite? What details of that animal’s behavior have you most enjoyed observing?

2. Would you make a better zookeeper, veterinarian or forest ranger? Why?

3. How does the animal imagery in this chapter affect you? Which of these miracles of nature have you personally witnessed? What effect did it have on you at the time?

4. In looking at both the intricate order and balance of creation, as well as its mystery and paradox, what can be said about the Creator? About the similar ways God may govern both the animal kingdom and humanity?

5. What, if anything, does God say here about Job’s suffering? About divine justice? About Job’s innocence or guilt? Why is that?

6. How does God’s active involvement with creation redefine our Job-like questions? What questions does this chapter raise for you? For example, what is said here about the calamities of nature wrought by earth, wind, fire and water run amok?

7. In light of who God is, who are we? What are our problems as creature relating to our Creator?

8. Does knowing God is sovereign comfort you or scare you? Why? Knowing God is always at work, do you relax more or worker harder? Why? Knowing God controls every circumstance of life, how does that affect your planning for the future? Your praying for needs and wants?



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