The LORD Answers Job (Job 41)

Scripture Text:

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Job 41

1. As a child, or as a parent-reading-to-children, what is your favorite monster story? Were you raised to believe in any particular monsters of mythical proportions – hiding in your closet or under your bed?

2. Did (or do) you have much interest in mythical flying dragons or sea monsters? How about real creatures such as dinosaurs, reptiles and snakes?

3. Look closely at the behemoth (chapter 40:15 – 24) and the leviathan (chapter 41:1 – 34). What mental images of each come to mind? What points of similarity do you see?

4. What sections of the leviathan’s portrait seem literal enough to refer to a large marine animal (as in Psalm 104:26)? Which references here are obviously  figurative (as in chapter 3:8 and Isaiah 27:1)? How did you make that distinction between literal and figurative language?

5. Nowhere after chapter 2 is Satan the Accuser mentioned. Does this seem strange to you? In what ways can you see Satan symbolized in the figurative language describing the leviathan? What characteristics do Satan and this leviathan have in common? How do they rate in power? To what extent can humanity control them?

6. What is God saying here about Job’s ability to control the Accuser and to comprehend evil, as typified by this leviathan?

7. Job is allowed the privilege of participating in the heavenly battle between good and evil. What does that say about God’s view of Job?

8. In what ways has God called us to spiritual warfare? What is your mental picture of what that is all about? Anything like Job 41?

9. How does God defeat evil with goodness? Can you illustrate that from your own life?

10. In similar fashion, how can the serpent in your life be subdued and conquered?



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