A Psalm of Asaph (Psalm 74)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 74


1. How is it appropriate to use your hands at your church:

  • praying?
  • greeting?
  • raised in worship?
  • asking “why” with raised hands?

2. Would you say you are a “summer” or “winter” person? In what way?

3. Where in history must we place this psalm (verses 3 and 7)? What crisis of faith does Jerusalem’s destruction bring (verses 1 and 2)?

4. Why is this so perplexing to the “sheep of God’s pasture”? What had the prophets said (verse 9; Jeremiah 6:6 – 8)? What “sign” proved them right (see 2 Kings 25:1 – 21)?

5. Why does the destruction of Jerusalem bring mockery to God (verse 10)? What do the people want God to do?

6. Which verse serves as the “watershed” verse, on either side of which flow the two major streams of thought in this psalm?

7. What event in Israel’s history does the psalmist cite as evidence for his case (verses 13 – 15)? What event in world history (verses 16 and 17)? If God is so powerful, why doesn’t He save the people from their enemies?

8. To what does the psalmist appeal in the end? What does he think God cares about (verses 19 – 21)? What “clamor” does he think God will want to silence (verses 18, 22, 23)?

9. On which side of the “watershed” are you? Focused on the “they” who ruined your life for you? Or the “You” who can do something about it?

10. Have you ever felt like God had forgotten you or your cause forever? What triggered your tears? Your anger? Or do you keep all such emotion inside?

11. Can you be yourself in your church? With God? What would God do in your situation now if you freely expressed your feelings? What is God likely to do if you are not honest?

12. What event in your lifetime caused a crisis of faith? Did you have any warning? What about God was called into question? Is the problem resolved? Could it ever be?



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