A Psalm of Asaph (Psalm 79)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 79


1. If your house were on fire, what one possession would you save? What would you make sure got left behind?

2. Before facing a firing squad, what would be your last request?

3. What does this psalm lament (verses 1 – 4; see 2 Kings 25:8 – 12)?

4. Did God feel like the people of Jerusalem had “servants” (verse 10; see Jeremiah 5:1 and 2)? How did the exiles make the God of the Jews look (verse 4)?

5. Is the people’s plea “how long, O Lord” an expression of trust or self-pity (verse 5)?

6. What two things do they ask God to do (verses 6 – 8)? Are they responsible for what has happened (verses 8 and 9)? Who is?

7. What is an “avenger of blood” (verse 10; see Numbers 35:19 – 21)? In Israel’s view, how would avenging their blood be in God’s best interest (verse 12)?

8. How much space is given to repentance? Praising God? Seeking vengeance? How would you react such prayers if you were God?

9. How would you react if the events recorded in verses 1 – 4 were happening in your church or community? Has distress ever given your church, family or friends an opportunity to pull together?

10. In what ways does the world ask, “where is your God?” What answer can you give? Where can you point to the power of God?

11. Are you asking “how long” right now? What makes you impatient?

12. Do you have a responsibility to preserve those “condemned to die”?



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