A Psalm of Asaph (Psalm 80)

Scripture Text:

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Psalm 80


1. If you were sinking in quick sand, would you pray for help? Yell at God? Figure out an escape? Look for help? Give up?

2. Why is Joseph mentioned (verses 1 and 2; see Genesis 46:19 – 21)? Who do these names represent? From what do they need to be saved (2 Kings 17:6)?

3. What does “make your face shine upon us” mean (verse 3; see Numbers 6:24 – 26)?

4. What is their affliction? What do you think is most painful about their trial of faith (verses 4 – 6)?

5. How do you read the symbols in the allegory of the vine (verses 8 – 16)? Is the “vine” the northern kingdom? What does its great size mean? What is the removal of the walls (see Isaiah 5:5, 6)? The boar (verse 13)? The son (verse 15)?

6. How is the change in the refrain significant (verse 14)? Is this psalm saying that only God can close the distance the people feel?

7. Who is the “son of man” mentioned in verse 17?

  • the nation of Israel (see Exodus 4:22)?
  • the king of the returning exiles?
  • a future Davidic king?

8. What three images in this psalm did Jesus apply to Himself (see John 10:11; John 15:1; John 17:1)?

9. What do you do in times of trouble and need?

  • pray for God’s restoration?
  • turn to other people?
  • go at it on your own?
  • retreat in frustration?

10. In reference to Question #9, does God want you to respond differently?

11. What is your “bowl of tears”? Is there any relief in sight? How can you keep from being overwhelmed?

12. Can you talk when you’re angry? How do you work through conflicts when you are angry at someone? Do you let anger out or hide it inside? Do you prefer to act like nothing happened?



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